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Mad Goat Coffee

Papua New Guinea, Kunjn

Papua New Guinea, Kunjn

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 Full-City (Medium-Dark)
 Arusha, Blue Mountain, San Ramon
: Smooth and subtle, with hints of dark chocolate and toffee.

Papua New Guinea, PNG, is a great coffee story. The island is very remote, lying just north of Australia in the south Pacific Ocean. The landscape is rugged and mountainous, so large swaths of land didn't see widespread Western exploration until the 1930s. There are 800 different languages among the varied indigenous groups.

Coffee production began in PNG sometime in the 1920s, with transplants from the fabled Jamaica Blue Mountain region. While it began with a few large commercial coffee operations, the coffee industry today is comprised of hundreds of small farms - "gardens" - upon which subsistence farmers have added coffee as a supplemental crop. PNG is still devastatingly poor, so the development of the coffee industry has the potential to be transformative.

There are many hurdles in PNG, from poor infrastructure to stability, so getting consistently great coffee is a real challenge. Still, PNG is one of our favorite coffee locations for these reasons and more.


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