About Us


Our Philosophy

Humans have very little that is more important to their physical well-being than community. It is important for us to participate in and enrich the communities around us. When we don't, our communities and our selves suffer. We believe in honoring God. We believe in producing a quality product. We believe in sticking to your word. We believe in building each other up. We believe in hard-work and self-determination. We believe in honoring your local community and it's artisans by doing business there, spending your money there, producing there, and generally being a peaceful and agreeable person. We know most of you feel the same way we do. Come join us in the fun.


Who Are We?

We're family. Sam and Hannah are #7 & #6, respectively, of 8 siblings. They grew up in Seattle, and moved to Southern Vermilion County (Sidell) in 1995. Drew is a South VC native that attended Jamaica HS, where he met Hannah. Rachel is from the Chicago suburbs, and she met Sam at the U of I. Sam and Drew both work at International Greenhouse Company in Tilton, a company started by Sam and Hannah's father. But really, we're just some crazy kids who love coffee and community.


The Georges

Sam and Rachel George have a love for coffee and for Danville. They got married and moved to Danville in 2009. They enjoy being with friends and family, spending time outdoors, and serving Jesus together.

Sam loves mountain biking, music, kayaking, and Microsoft Excel (seriously). He works as a purchasing agent at IGC. Rachel loves kids, DIY projects, and chocolate. She is a kindergarten teacher at Oakwood Grade School. They are both looking forward to having a great community gathering space in the heart of Danville.


The Landises

Drew and Hannah previously owned a coffee shop and roasting operation in Bloomington, IL called Coffee Nation. They sold it in 2008 and moved back to Danville after having been in Bloomington for 8 years. They are deadly serious about good coffee and aren't ashamed to admit it. They have 4 children (boy 8, girl 6, girl 4, boy 1) and a fledgling farm in Batestown where they currently keep chickens and bees, and have established a diverse garden and orchard.

Drew works all sorts of digital magic and marketing for IGC. Hannah is a stay-at-home mother and birth worker. They enjoy spending quality time with family and good friends, great food and drink, the outdoors, and the beautiful natural resources of Vermilion County. They are all sorts of crazy.