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Getting Used to Coffee Seasonality

Photo Credit: Coffee is a cultural juggernaut. So much so that it's presence in our lives has been commoditized and taken for granted. Much the same way tomatoes in January have become a "given" in America, instead of a technological and logistical wonder (even if inferior in taste to the seasonal real deal), coffee is just...there. Always waiting for you when you need it. So it's not really a surprise to us, when we run out of a coffee, to hear, "When are you going to get that in again?" It's a legitimate question, and a teaching opportunity on our part that we often miss. So here I am to answer that question.

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Can Coffee Really Taste Like Strawberries?

Image: Counter Culture Coffee (so good) I'm not one to flaunt a verbose coffee vernacular. I am eager to point out that taste is a subjective thing. Time of day, mood, temperature, humidity; all of these hundreds of little variables matter. I've often had a cuppa of our own make - roasted by me, brewed to our strict standards, and served hot - that tasted disappointing to me but that some one else thought was fantastic. Then, after a bite of a muffin or scone, had another sip only to think the taste in the very same cup was divine.

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Why a Coffee Shop in Danville?

  Our desire to start a coffee shop in Danville is quite simple. We love great coffee and we love Danville and we felt like the two things deserved to be a part of each other. But, to better help you understand let me break these two things down for you. During the past few years we have had the pleasure of having my eyes opened to how great Danville really is. Now, for those of you from around here reading this you might find this a bit ridiculous… really? Danville? Yes, Danville!

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