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Brew Better Coffee at Home, Right Now: Water Edition

Sometimes stopping by the shop might be a hassle. Sometimes, you might see that it's getting a little expensive picking up a single dose of caffeine several times a week. Maybe you like the ritual of making your own brew. No matter what your reasoning, eventually just about every coffee lover is going to brew a cup at home. Inevitably though, this home experience usually fails to live up to the cup you get in a cafe. What happened!? Can your home cup ever be as good as the cafe version? Yup, and in this multi-part edition of Mad Goat University, we're covering all the ways you can start brewing better coffee at home. Right now. Let's get started, shall...

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Cooking Coffee: Roasting and It's Impact on Flavor

Coffee roasting is enjoying a heyday almost like never before in the history of coffee. Industry publications contain headlines every week of new roasters opening up, new roasting philosophies being trotted out, brewing technologies under development, and scientific research shedding light on what was once a dark art. In short, there has probably never been a better time to be a coffee junkie! But what exactly is coffee roasting, and what does it do? Why does it seem that there's as many coffee roasters nowadays as there are craft breweries, and do we really need those kinds of options? Don't you just roast coffee until it's brown and call it a day? In this edition of Mad Goat University, we'll...

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Coffee Origins: Mad Goat University, Part One

Image Credit: You may have noticed that Mad Goat, among other places, offers coffees from one of a few different "origins." You may have heard talk in the shop or other places about these origins, heard "single-origins" discussed, and perhaps even heard some discussion on the flavor characteristics of these origins. Which probably led you to wonder, "Why the heck is everyone talking about coffee origins?" Have no fear! We're here to tackle that very question on this edition of Mad Goat University. From whence coffee came. Coffee is an agricultural crop. So, when we talk about origin what we're really talking about is the region on the globe in which a specific coffee is grown. This is in contrast...

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