Yemen, Grade A

Yemen, Grade A

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 Full-City (Medium)
 Tree-Dried Natural
Tuffahi, Dawairi, Ismaili and Jaadi
 Floral, tart winey fruit, dried figs, red wine vinegar and creamy.


The fact that we, or anyone for that matter, even has Yemeni coffee is truly quite remarkable. Mired in an ugly civil war and being bombarded by foreign nations, small pockets of the Yemeni coffee industry have survived the warfare. Through much work, secrecy, and threats to personal security, our importers and their agents have been able to secure small quantities of this coffee for export. Being big believers in commerce and honest, open trade as a means of development, Mad Goat is happy and excited to offer this coffee.

While Ethiopia may be the birthplace of coffee, Yemen is the birthplace of the coffee industry. It was here that coffee was first cultivated as an agricultural crop, eventually being transplanted to Indonesia by way of the British East Indies trading company, and from there around the world. The now defunct port of Mocha (Mokka) is where that specific coffee term originates. Yemen coffee has a huge part in coffee's history, and hopefully it's future as well.


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