El Salvador, Tono Ticas
El Salvador, Tono Ticas
El Salvador, Tono Ticas

El Salvador, Tono Ticas

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 Full-City (Medium)
 Bright with hints of honey and peanut.


The history of coffee in Central America includes the sad decades of war during the 1980s that engulfed many of these nations. El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua; all experienced strife and war during this time. The coffee industry, which up to that point had been 50% of GDP for El Salvador, all but vanished during this period.

Nearly all of of these countries have clawed back some of their previous production, to varying degrees of success, and all are able to produce at least some portion of very high-grade specialty coffee.

The El Salvadoran coffee market is still on the mend, and lags behind it's neighbors in many ways. But year after year the offerings get better and better, and this Tono Ticas is no different.


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