Brazil Carmo de Minas, Fazenda Serteo

Brazil Carmo de Minas, Fazenda Serteo

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Roast: Full City+ (Dark-Medium)
Profile: Balanced with tart acidity; caramel, citrus and candy pecan flavors.


Brazil produces the most coffee of any country in the world. The entire commodity coffee market is priced according to Brazil's output. Much of that coffee is ordinary, commodity coffee. Which is to say it is not of the quality that reputable establishments like Mad Goat are interested in.

However, there are some producers in Brazil that have focused on the specialty, high-quality coffee market. Fazenda Serteo is one, focusing on these core values: 

• Family

• Ethics

• Transparency

• Credibility

• Professionalism

• Humility

• Determination

Carmo Coffees - The Dream Coffees from Cafe Imports on Vimeo.