Kenya AA Wahunduru
Kenya AA Wahunduru

Kenya AA Wahunduru

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City (Light)
 SL-28, Ruiru 11
 Tart grapefruit brightness with a buttery mouthfeel and cane sugar sweetness.


Kenyans are some of our favorite coffees, right up there with Ethiopians. The Kenyan coffee market has been a blueprint for development in several other African countries, including Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda. The models cast by the Ethiopian and Kenyan coffee industries have lifted thousands out of oppressive poverty and paved a way for sustainable, native driven development.

Of course, all that means less if the quality is lacking. In Kenya, this is not the case! They are routinely some of the best in the world. Arranged into regional cooperatives and graded by native coffee professionals, the coffees go into an auction to the highest bidders. This ensures quality, accountability, and transparency.


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